So happy you are here!! Below you will find all the details you will need to decide whether you would like to invest in hair extensions with me! 

If you currently have a beaded row, or hand tied method. Please still read below as I treat every guest the same. It may be possible to reuse the hair you currently have, but it is not a guarantee as all methods are different and not all hair brands are the same quality.  I look forward to your email request!

Application Pricing

Initial Install w/ Color Blending*

1 row is for thickness $250+

3-5 wefts

2 rows is for length and thickness $375+

6-12 wefts

3 rows is for extra length and thickness $480+

9-15 wefts

Move Up Only

 1 row is for thickness $160

2 rows is for length and thickness $250
3 rows is for extra length and thickness $325

-Color blending* is custom coloring the extensions to match your hair perfectly. 

Or refreshing faded hair from previous color

*This does not include coloring your hair.

-Some hair on hand (while supplies last)

-Consultation & deposit is required to

book any further.

-I do not offer guests to bring their own hair unless it is already applied and useable.


Hair I use

I exclusively use The Reserve and Kitsune;

both created by Invisible Bead Extensions

and is hand tied or genius wefts. 

14” $90 per weft

16” $130 per weft

18” $150 per weft

22” $240 per weft

Each row can hold 3-6 wefts and will depend on the shape and size of your head to determine what you need.

With proper care and maintenance,

hair can last 9 - 12 months.

I have some hair on hand, or we can custom order/color for your specific needs! 

Hair extensions will need to be recolored every couple move ups depending on your lifestyle and home care practice. 

IBE is completely customizable and is not one size fits all. It may take one or more appointments to complete your final look. Adding more hair, or adjusting colors is normal in the journey. 

You're quote is not a final price.

Example: The minimum for fullness

1 row with color blending + 3-18" wefts

250 + 450 = $700

I will do my best in using my experience and knowledge in creating magic. But sometimes it can take more than one appointment, sometimes you may need more hair, sometimes you may want less hair. 

Its a journey.



Get started with extensions

Thank you, will be in touch within 48 hours 

please check your spam!

Once I get your inquiry I will email you back asking about your history of your hair, will ask for pictures of your current  hair (please have someone else take the pictures or use a stand) , and what your goals are. This is when you will be able to ask all of the deeper questions I didn't cover on this website. 

I look forward to your email!