Welcome to the most luxurious hand tied extensions technique on the market. It protects the scalp and hair from damage, has no beads showing, and can easily be pulled up in a ponytail or bun. 


Consultations are required in person. A deposit(cost of hair) is required to schedule your install.   I do not have hair on hand, so every guest is custom ordered and planned  for 2-4 weeks after consultation (depending on time of year)


2 rows of invisible bead extensions

-you are seeing the underneath of the top row

Hair Pricing

10” $75 per weft

14” $85 per weft

16” $100 per weft

18” $120 per weft

22” $200 per weft

24” $225 per weft

Each row can hold 2-6 wefts and will depend on the shape and size of your head to determine what you need.

Application Pricing


 1 row is for thickness $160

2 rows is for length and thickness $225
3 rows is for extra length and thickness $325


Maintenance every  6 - 10 weeks 

-pricing same as above

-Coloring your hair, and/or the extensions is additional based on each project and hair is custom ordered to

be as close of a match as possible,

-no hair on hand, consultation is required.

Sometimes more hair may be needed once your order is installed in your hair, hair extensions are a journey, not an event. 


1 row of IBE

You are seeing the top of the row

IBE is completely customizable and is not one size fits all. It may take one or more appointments to complete your final look. Adding more hair, or adjusting colors is normal in the journey. 

You're quote is not a final price. Hair extensions are expensive and can continue to cost money until desired result is achieved. I will do my best in using my experience and knowledge in creating magic. But sometimes it can take more than one appointment, sometimes you may need more hair, sometimes you may want less hair. 

Its a journey.

If you're ready for this journey,

please email me(in 1 email):

*name, email & phone #

*best way to respond (text/email)

*pictures of your current hair

*history of your color, and/or extensions

*inspiration pictures

please note this does not gaurentee an appointment, this is prescreening and I will text you with the number you provide if I feel you’re a good fit!